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Maryland Society, Sons of the  American Revolution

We are the premier male lineage society in the United States, each Son of the American Revolution can document themselves directly to one/or more Patriot Ancestor/s who supported the cause of American Independence between 1775 and 1783. Our membership (we call each other Compatriots) is made up from the ancestors of Revolutionary Patriots hailing from a melting pot of colors, races, and sexes that we still see in the fabric of today's American society. We work to connect to those real people who made extremely difficult choices that truly effected their personal and family’s life, liberty, prosperity, and freedom, and those choices still affect us every day.

We not only invite you to explore our organization from this website and other sources, but we also want you to join our organization. Come join with us at any of our meetings. I believe you will like what you see and experience. We simply celebrate our American Revolutionary history. I invite you to explore our opportunities for membership and the various programs we sponsor. Among our many offerings, you will find financial opportunities for students from elementary school through college, as well as Eagle Scouts. We recognize the remarkable and selfless efforts of our local law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel. We feel a sense of purpose and duty in recognizing outstanding citizenship wherever we find it. The "Finding the Maryland 400" project is an ongoing partnership with the Maryland State Archives to research and document the lives of the Maryland men who fought heroically at the Battle of Brooklyn in 1776.

Finally, through our efforts, we strive "to perpetuate the memory of the men who, by their services or sacrifices during the war of the American Revolution, achieved the independence of the American people." (Quoted from our National Society Mission)

More About Us:

Our National Society History - Since 1889, Compatriots in our Society have included 16 Presidents of the United States, 27 Medal of Honor recipients, and numerous diplomats and leaders among its 208,000 members. All members, past and present, enjoy the fellowship with their fellow descendants, and, through our organization, help to support historic preservation and encourage patriotism and good citizenship.

Our State Society History - The Maryland Society of the Sons of the American Revolution predates our national organization, and was established on April 20, 1889, in the Old Senate Chamber of the Maryland State House in Annapolis. Today, nearly 800 members serve all communities in Maryland through fifteen local chapters.

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