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Maryland Society, Sons of the  American Revolution
New Web Site

Newly Arrived

We have a new Picture Gallery. Take a look and let us know

We have a Society photo storage and retrieval capability as part of our web site.  This is an important part of retaining our Society's history.  Our challenge has been how to store, organize, keep these images while also making them accessible to all of us.  Images are normally large files and represents a storage challenge, making them accessible is another challenge and the final challenge is to provide this capability at the lowest cost possible.  Our initial attempt was to use our free Google Photo account for this and it worked quite well for a while.  We quickly ran up to our free storage limit without getting even a small percentage of our images on line.  To continue with Google Photos we need to move to a paid account and even with our Non-Profit status the recurring cost of this project grows quickly and will continue to increase as we increase our image holdings.

    I began researching other potential solutions and present the following; our current Internet provider (which is free) provides us unlimited storage, I located a freeware photo storage program that will be part of our web site.  These two things allow us to have and maintain an unlimited image storage and filing capability that we control access to and will provide that with no additional financial outlay by our Society.

    The current iteration of the capability can be accessed at http://www.mdssar.org/piwigo.  Many images are already available, more are being loaded as a write this and I ask that you take a look.  The images are available for public viewing.  We can generate accounts for any member that wants to post pictures.  

Maryland Society Newsletter Live - The digital ‘Old Line’ State Herald is a new feature to keep you informed of all things going on around our fair State.

Our Store is now online and available - go to our Store Page to visit

We hope you enjoy the look, feel, and usability of our new Web Site.

The first iteration of our new web site replicates the capabilities of our original site that our outstanding dedicated webmasters developed and maintained for many years.

With this new format we hope to make it easier to find what you want and to get to know us better.

We hope to make many improvements over time, to forge better communications with our members and visitors, to provide better Maryland specific research information and tools, We will use this page to keep you current on our progress and upcoming new features.

Thank You for Your Patience and Understanding As We Improve.  We Appreciate Your Feedback  Please send it to: marylandssar@gmail.com

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