Officers & Chairmen

The 2021-2022 State Officers and Board of Managers for the Maryland Society, Sons of the American Revolution are:

Mark D, Deeds, President
1st Vice President
Christopher M. May , ESQ
2nd Vice President
Christopher T. Smithson
3rd Vice President
Paul I. Turlington
Assistant Secretary
James F. Engler, Sr.
Gary R. Neal
Asst. Treasurer
H. Lucas Ginn
Paul D. Banister
Treasurer Emeritus
Barrett L. McKown
Gary R. Neal
Registrar Emeritus
Christos Christou Jr.
William Bankert Jr.
Organizing Secretary
C. Louis Raborg Jr.
Robert Rice
Genealogist Emeritus
Henry C. Peden, Jr.
Charles H. Bogino, Esq.
George Satterthwaite
Assistant Chaplain
A. Douglas Brice
Lee Crandall Park, M.D.
National Trustee
Eugene R. Moyer
Alternate National Trustee
Douglas B. Stuart
Michael J Allison
Assistant Webmaster
Christopher J. Raborg




Past Presidents:
W. King Barnes, Jr. - 1984
Barrett L. McKown - 1991
Lester A. Foster, Jr. - 1993
William C. Austin, Jr. - 1996
M. Hall Worthington - 2000
James R. Dearworth - 2003
Douglas B. Stuart - 2004
Carroll J. Collins - 2005
Christos Christou, Jr.- 2006
Ernest L. Irish - 2007
R. Duane Tackitt - 2008
David W. Hoover - 2009
Edward A. Foreman Jr. - 2010
Ivan V. Dooley Jr. - 2011
C. Louis Raborg Jr. - 2012
Douglas C. Favorite - 2014
James F. Engler, Sr. - 2015
William P. Smithson - 2016
Donald A. Deering - 2017
James A. Adkins - 2018
James M. Perry - 2019
Eugene M. Moyer - 2020

Chapter Presidents:
Sgt. Lawrence Everhart (#1)
Karl D Woodcock
Gen. William Smallwood (#2)
Charles H. Bogino
Christian Ardinger (#3)
Wes Evans
Col. John Eager Howard (#4)
John M. Davidson
Col. Nicholas Ruxton Moore (#5)
John D. Urbach II
John Paul Jones (#6)
Ronald Shuey
Col. Henry Hollingsworth (#7)
Hobert S. Halsey Jr.
Col. Tench Tilghman (#8)
Dr Conway Gregory Jr
Col. Aquila Hall (#9)
William P. Smithson
Charles Carroll of Carrollton (#10)
Paul Turlington
John Hanson (#11)
Craig E Smith
Capt. John Smoot (#12)
Lloyd O Whitehead Sr
Westminster (#13)
Steven E Gemeny
Thomas Stone (#14)
Norman J. Saunders, Sr.
Little Meadows (#15)
Gregory L. Shockey

Board of Managers:
Class of 2019-2022:
Col. John M. Davidson
Thomas B. Insley
H. Lucas L. Ginn
Raymond J. Lazzaro
Paul I Turlington
Class of 2020-2023:
Richard L Abbott
Patrick A Curtis
Timothy D Dioquino
David W Dyar
Craig E Smith
Class of 2021-2024:
LTC David J. Stern
Kevin A. Eichelberger
Craig A. Dean
James D. Schaub
David H. Embrey



Committee Chairmen:
250th Anniversary of the American Revolution:
H. Lucas Ginn
Americanism Committee
James F. Engler, Sr.
Annual Meeting*
Christopher M. May, Esq
Atlantic Middle States Conference 2021:
C.Louis Raborg Jr.
Douglas C. Favorite
Chris Christou
Color Guard Commander
David H. Embrey
Rick Abbott
Council of Past Presidents*
Eugene R. Moyer
Eagle Scouts
Jonathan T. Streett
Educational Efforts Committee
C. Louis Raborg, Jr.
Brochure Contest Subcommittee: C. Louis Raborg, Jr.
Essay Contest Subcommittee: C. Louis Raborg, Jr.
Poster Contest Subcommittee: C. Louis Raborg, Jr.
Rumbaugh Orations Contest: David Stern
Executive Committee*
Mark R. Deeds
Flag Awards Committee
Eugene R. Moyer
Fundraising Committee

William C. Batton, Esq.

George Washington Luncheon
Paul Turlington
MD 400 Patriot's Trust Fund*
Paul Turlington
Medals & Awards Committee
Membership Committee
Christopher T. Smithson
Monuments & Grave Markers
Dr. James D. Schaub
Newsletter Committee
Mark D Deeds
Nominating Committee*
Eugene R. Moyer
Patriots Gala Committee
Patriots Picnic
PRS/Patriots' Bios
James F. Engler, Sr.
Public Service and Heroism
H. Lucas Ginn
ROTC/Outstanding Citizenship Awards Committee
George Satterthwaite
Semi-Annual Meeting*
Christopher T. Smithson
Yearbook Committee
Chris Christous
* The chairmen for these positions are designated by the MDSSAR Bylaws Articles II, III and IV.