Operation REACH

What is Operation REACH?

Operation REACH is a new partnership between NSSAR and Ancestry.com. In a nutshell, Ancestry will have access to thousands of SAR documents and expand their subscriber base, and NSSAR will gain by an enhanced opportunity to enroll new members. Brock Bierman is the National Chairman of Operation REACH, and has provided a wonderful presentation to describe this new program and its long term goals, to each of the state societies.

Initially, Ancestry.com will contact every Maryland subscriber who has saved and attached to a person in their online tree(s) one of the digitized NSSAR Record Copy applications that already exists in Ancestry's database (pre-1970 applications and supplementals on file at NSSAR). Ancestry.com will ask these subscribers if they are interested in learning more about the SAR and possible membership, and will provide a contact form to the MDSSAR Ancestry.com Committee Chairman. The chairman will then pass the information along to the closest point of contact, so that the subscriber can ask any questions about their research, the SAR, or even membership!

We do not yet know how many Ancestry.com subscribers may be interested in having someone from SAR contact them. But it could be a large number. So, for chapters struggling to attract new members, this program is a gift. Please also understand that SAR is not abandoning its commitment to maintaining the current genealogical proof standards for membership. Applicants will still be required to obtain documented proof of their lineage and patriot's service, but Ancestry.com will assist us in qualifying them quicker and easier. It's great opportunity for SAR to expand its membership that may not come along again.

If you have any further questions about the program or how to get in touch with a local contact, please feel free to contact our chairman:

Christopher T. Smithson
4219 Paddrick Road
Darlington, MD 21034-1034
Home: 410-836-3433
Cell: 443-903-0135
Email: ctsmithson@gmail.com

Recent News:

  • September 2013: We are happy to announce that the MDSSAR has recently inducted the first ever SAR member from the Operation REACH program!