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Maryland Society, Sons of the  American Revolution


The Maryland Society, Sons of the American Revolution has had an active Color guard since 1974. There were several attempts by the MDSSAR to start the Color Guard in the 1960’s led by then MDSSAR President Laurence P. Sangston, and Compatriot Wilmoth. In September 1961, a member of the Pennsylvania SAR came to a MDSSAR event and suggested that the MDSSAR start its own Color Guard. The idea was well received. At the board meeting on November 10, 1961, President Laurence P. Sangston announced that at the last general meeting of the Society, four members had volunteered to serve as a Color Guard. Compatriot Harold E. Wilmoth was asked to organize the Color Guard and he accepted the Chair.  

The first appearance of the MDSSAR Color Guard was at a meeting of the Society on February 22, 1962. President Sangston noted that the Color Guard added much to the occasion. The uniforms were borrowed from the Sojourners. However, these uniforms were not to leave the Armory and they had been turned over to Compatriot Wilmoth for this one occasion and his personal responsibility. In January 1963, it was announced that the MDSSAR Color Guard would be ready to present the Colors at the February meeting. The MDSSAR Color Guard presented the Colors on Isolated occasions from 1963 until about 1965, at which point the Color Guard Commander indicated that recruiting new members to the Color Guard was an issue, and soon it would cease to function.  

In 1974 Members from the John Eager Howard Chapter of the MDSSAR re-organized the MDSSAR Continental Color Guard to provide the highest honors to the National Flag at Society and Patriotic functions.


The MDSSAR carries the Third Maryland Regiment American Flag, commonly known as the "Cowpens Flag", made famous by the troops of Col. John Eager Howard in the Carolina Campaign of 1781. The MDSSAR Color Guard also carries the Maryland State flag, the SAR Standard, and an authentic replica of the Pulaski Banner, which is a true Revolutionary War banner.  The MDSSAR Color Guard carries two authentic Revolutionary War Brown Bess GR Muskets. Members are outfitted with wood reproductions of Revolutionary War Canteens and cartridge cases. The MDSSAR currently has their own Field Musicians, a Fifer and a Drummer. The Drum has been copied from an original carried by Maryland troops in the Revolution. The Color Guards Uniforms are tailored to represent the “Maryland Line” colors. An interesting fact is each uniform has a total of 54 hand cast pewter buttons.


Donald W. Eberhardt, Jr.



David H. Embrey

Robert Ayres - RIP



Current Role Call:

The MDSSAR Color Guard maintains an active schedule and participates in events at both the local and National level.  These events include, The Massing of the Colors, The National Congress, the Maryland 400 remembrance parade in New York, The MDSSAR Patriots Ball, and various DAR events in the area.

For more information about the MDSSAR Color Guard please contact its Commander (See Contact Form Below)


National Color Guard Information (link is external) This link provides additional resources and contacts for everything you need to know about the Color Guard. Note: Check with Maryland Color Guard Commander for current Maryland updates and changes to the National Handbook.

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